Cranaleith Master Seminars

Advanced Professional Development For Leaders, Consultants and Facilitators

Since 2012, over 100 leaders and consultants for nonprofit, educational, and religious organizations from the US and Europe have attended Cranaleith Master Seminars for in-depth exploration of the challenging dynamics they face in their work roles.

Using an active and collaborative format for learning, these programs provide experienced leaders with an invaluable resource: protected time, stimulating content, and a supportive group of peers for thinking, planning, and restoration of their vision and energies.

The seminar format is highly sensitive to the nature of the participant group, therefore persons interested in participating must submit an application for enrollment.

For registration information call 215-934-6206 or

If you would like to discuss the potential fit between your professional development goals and the seminars contact Dr. Marisa Guerin at 215-990-6186 or or Dr. Ilene Wasserman at 610-667-7928 or

About Master Seminars

About the Presenters

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What Previous Participants Had to Say

“Outstanding! I want to urge several colleagues to consider attending as it is a unique kind of offering for organizations.” – University Administrator

“Superb – I’m hoping every one of my team members has the opportunity to attend.” – Member of Elected Leadership Team, Religious Congregation

“The seminar was exceptional! It helped me to get in touch with concepts in ways that can be applicable to the new complex situation in which I‘m involved… Use of real-life examples helped make the concepts tangible.”

 – Healthcare Mission Leader

“Seminar exceeded goals – I come away with very specific projects as well as an overall organizational sense of what I need to address.  Excellent, practical, stretching, engaging.” – Religious Community General Superior

“The participants are in high-profile positions and they show courage, passion and vision for their work. Their wisdom adds to the experience.” – Program Leader in National Organization