Cranaleith Master Seminars

Advanced Professional Development For Leaders, Consultants and Facilitators

Since 2012, over 100 leaders and consultants for nonprofit, educational, and religious organizations from the US and Europe have attended Cranaleith Master Seminars for in-depth exploration of the challenging dynamics they face in their work roles. Using an active and collaborative format for learning, these programs provide experienced leaders with an invaluable resource: protected time, stimulating content, and a supportive group of peers for thinking, planning, and restoration of their vision and energies. Master Seminars are lead by Dr. Marisa Guerin.

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Upcoming Programs

The Dynamics of Leadership, Planning and Change in Faith-Based Organizations
May 1-2, 2018
Nov 14-15, 2018

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Seminar Objectives:
-Understanding the psychodynamics of roles, boundaries, power and authority in faith-based systems
-Effective leadership under conditions of constant change
-Psychological and spiritual capacity for “holding the whole”
-Methods of planning, decision-making, and conflict resolution
-Understanding how to manage the rational, political, emotional and spiritual experiences of change

Seminar content will address:
-Faith-based organizations as human systems with primary tasks and designed structures
-The power of roles and boundaries to further the mission, or to impede collective effort
-Authorization – An essential dynamic, and uniquely challenging for many religious groups
-Unconscious anxiety in the presence of risk, stressful work, or conflict
-Containment, spirituality and “negative capability” in organizational leadership
-Methods of handling conflict and decision-making in spirit-led organizations
-Core concepts of strategic planning as they apply to spirit-led groups
-Change management: rational, emotional/spiritual, political and behavioral
-The spirituality of leading with compassion for the stresses of change

Master Class for Consultants and Facilitators: Managing the Client-Consultant Relationship with Integrity
June 19-20, 2018
8:30 am to 8:00 pm on Day One
8:30 am to 5:00 pm on Day Two

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Seminar Objectives:
– Exploring the scope and nature of one’s niche in the consulting field and how life experience shapes one’s distinctive strengths and personal style
– Introducing a model for mindfully looking at what is being created in the ongoing negotiating of shared meaning
– Creating sound, mutual and clear work agreements with clients in the context of the complexities of the contracting process
– Clarifying role boundaries; helping clients while maintaining proper and constructive boundaries
– Taking a stand and navigating sensitive power dynamics with integrity

Seminar content will address:
– Attending to the client “story” in a way that creates meaning and invites action – client communication as a dynamic and relational process.
– Appreciating our role biographies– the sources of our distinctive strengths and styles
– Mapping one’s practice niche onto the field of consulting approaches / interventions
– Navigating power, ethics, and courage in the client-consultant relationship
– Avoiding the risks and pitfalls of the pivotal contracting process
– Maintaining appropriate role boundaries versus getting seduced into surrogate
– Cultivating humility, truthfulness and the wisdom of our spiritual traditions as contributions to our work as trusted advisors

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